When it’s time to remove a tree, a professional can do the job, but this can be expensive. Amateurs can save a lot of money by doing it themselves, but they need to be careful. Cutting down a tree is not complicated, but it is dangerous. Here are some tips for staying safe while removing a tree.

Tree Removal in Sudbury Ontario

1. Wearing Proper Safety Gear

No one should attempt to cut down a tree without proper protection. A logger’s helmet and face screen will protect the head and face from falling branches. Safety glasses keep sawdust out of the eyes, and earmuffs or earplugs will protect from hearing loss. Wearing Kevlar chaps prevents accidental cuts to the legs.

2. Sizing up the situation

Before starting, it’s important to check out the surrounding area. Overhead wires, fences, cars, or other trees might be in the way. Looking at the way the tree is leaning is crucial. It’s always best to let it fall in the direction that it is already leaning. Planning how to get away from the falling tree is essential. Two escape routes should be determined before making a cut to the tree.

3. Felling the tree

The first step is to cut a 90-degree v-shaped notch on the side of the tree facing the direction it is to fall. This under cut should be about 1/4 of the tree’s diameter in depth. Next, the back cut is made. This should be two inches higher than the under cut and on the opposite side of the trunk. The back cut must not go through to the under cut. When the tree starts to fall, it is time to turn off the chainsaw and quickly move down one of the predetermined escape routes.

4. Removing the limbs

The safest way to remove limbs is to work from the bottom of the tree to the top and to stand on the opposite side of the trunk from the limbs being cut. If the tree is on a slope, it is best not to stand on the downside of the tree. The tree could roll and trap the person doing the cutting.

5. Cutting the log into pieces

When cutting the log into shorter lengths, it’s best not to cut into the ground with the chainsaw. An easy way to prevent this is to cut halfway through the log, then roll it and cut from the other direction.

Sometimes it’s better to hire a professional tree removal company!

At the end of the day, removing a tree is not a task everyone is able to accomplish safely themselves. Sometimes it is better to leave it up to the professionals. If your in the Sudbury area, and your looking for a tree removal company look no further than Top Knotch Tree Specialists. They are the #1 Sudbury tree removal company!

Charles Dowding applying thick layer of fertilizer to his no-burrow beds. Photo: Charles Dowding


With the rest of a dryer, colder snap, the muddier ranges of my patio nursery are beginning to recuperate from the winter downpour. My arrangements to add to a considerably stronger type of cultivating can likewise come to fruition.


Also, I notice I’m getting to be hardier myself. In the previous couple of months, I have grasped insignificant sprinkle and direct intense winds with zeal, as quiet, dry days have been few and far between. Regardless of how much the now nine progressive tempests sound like somebody you’d welcome in for tea and cake; (“Victoria wipe, Imogen?”), we truly have taken a battering.


As I composed a month ago, this current winter’s climate has flagged plainly to me that it’s no more business – or surely cultivating – of course. Beginning with the ground itself– a sound, manure rich soil will have an enhanced structure which empowers it to both ingest and hold more water than it would do generally and along these lines we require a greater amount of this. So unless your plot is liable to compelling flooding, it will be vastly improved ready to adapt to whatever we get tossed at us, climate insightful.



Charles Dowding’s no-burrow raised beds on his plot in Somerset. Photo: Charles Dowding


It jumps out at me that making my fork altogether excess might be extremely judicious without a doubt. I’ve been trying different things with burrowing my dirt significantly less in the previous couple of years, and have accomplished some extremely positive results. This low upkeep type of cultivating has numerous advantages, and it appears to be judgment skills to me that the dirt might simply be better ready to manage abundance downpour or dry season if left undisturbed (and in place) underneath the surface.


On account of this thought, I mastermind to identify with Charles Dowding, a man generally acclaimed for his work fearlessly following the ideals of a no-burrow approach. Dowding has demonstrated through different trials that just applying a thick layer of fertilizer on top of existing soil (as opposed to carefully delving it in), procures fabulous results. Indeed, even establish vegetables flourish in this environment, and on account of parsnips, Dowding has seen them develop to around 2ft long – and the need to weed is additionally significantly decreased. That much trickier-to-move weeds, for example, the feared love seat grass can likewise be killed with no burrowing, if cardboard is connected on top of a tainted territory took after by a thick layer (4-6 inches) of fertilizer.

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